This series of photographs began at a time when I was grasping for answers to heart-centered questions about mortality, eternal connection and spirit. My parents were experiencing declining health, and I sensed that the road ahead would require new levels of wisdom and understanding. Within the year, both of my parents passed away - making this work all the more essential in my own process of being with grief. 

The first image was created by photographing a scrap of sheer fabric from my mother’s linen closet at the edge of a lake; it was all very ordinary. Within a few minutes of cultivating presence with open curiosity, nature’s elements transformed the ordinary into something else entirely. As the wind re-shaped the fabric and the sky lent its blue color, I felt like I had entered into a conversation with the wisdom of Mother Nature herself.

The images that came forth hold visual imprints of knowing, received gratefully by this one beating (and grieving) heart. Absent of time and space, there is a felt-sense of the mystery and wisdom held within in a moment of presence. 

The title of this series is inspired by the first line of William Stafford’s poem, “The Way it Is”.